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Who we are

The CTRF Board is comprised of core strategic funders, committed to CTRF’s mission and purpose, as well as experts from other fields, who can bring diverse knowledge and expertise to guide CTRF’s strategic direction and hold the organisation accountable.

Stig Arff


Stig has a PhD in physics from the University of Oslo combined with an MBA from the Norwegian School of Management (BI). For the past two decades Stig has worked within the finance sector, and has established several successful business ventures. His early career years were within research and industry and he first became aware of the problem of climate change when he was studying physics in the early 1980s. He is struck that the changes to our climate are following a trajectory which to a large degree was predictable even then. Whilst our knowledge of the science and the solutions has increased by orders of magnitude, and the public and politicians are increasingly aware of the problem, not enough has been done to tackle it. Stig created CTRF to pursue brilliant scientific ideas that increase the chances of preserving a livable planet.

Dave Hillyard

Dave Hillyard

Chief Executive

Chief Executive of CTRF since April 2022, Dave holds a BSc in Engineering from the University of Nottingham and an MSc in Environmental Management from Imperial College London. For the past 25 years Dave has worked in the international development, environment and conservation sectors in a variety of leadership roles, collaborating with both the academic and private sector. He has a passion for sustainable development and tackling the climate emergency. Dave grew up in Kenya, spending many school holidays camping in wild areas where he developed his love of Africa and its wildlife. He continues his passion for wildlife conservation in his role as a UK Trustee for the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Northern Kenya. He now lives in west Oxfordshire with his wife Emma and two children Lara and Luke.

Alexander Fuglesang

Alexander Fuglesang

Alexander Fuglesang is the CEO of the Oslo-based subsea pump and water treatment technology company, FSubsea. While more of an engineer at hearth, he holds a business degree from The University of British Columbia in Canada. Alexander is currently a 5th generation owner-operator in FSubsea and its parent company, GR Fuglesangs & Sons (est. 1855), as well as a Director in CTRF. He truly enjoys working with talented teams to bring value-creating technologies to the market. Alexander has a great passion for science, nature and the oceans. In addition to completing several graduate-level courses in marine biology at UBC (Vancouver, BC), he is a trans-Atlantic sailor, active seaplane pilot and scuba-diver.

Interested in joining our Board?

We are interested in potential board members who share our vision and values and are committed to tackling the climate crises. If you have experience at board level in business development, strategy, commercialisation and investment, please reach out to either Tanya Rahman, Director of Strategic Partnerships or Dave Hillyard, CEO, as we seek to build a diverse and professional board.

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