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We are a non-profit organisation, and are a group of passionate, visionary professionals united in our belief in the imperative of urgent action to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to help prevent dangerous warming. We believe in the power of technology to supercharge the solutions already found in nature, and we look forward to collaborating with people who share our vision and commitment to a different world.

Stig Arff

Stig Arff


Stig has a PhD in physics from the University of Oslo combined with an MBA from the Norwegian School of Management (BI). For the past two decades Stig has worked within the finance sector, and has established several successful business ventures. His early career years were within research and industry and he first became aware of the problem of climate change when he was studying physics in the early 1980s. He is struck that the changes to our climate are following a trajectory which to a large degree was predictable even then. Whilst our knowledge of the science and the solutions has increased by orders of magnitude, and the public and politicians are increasingly aware of the problem, not enough has been done to tackle it. Stig created CTRF to pursue brilliant scientific ideas that increase the chances of preserving a livable planet.

Dave Hillyard

Dave Hillyard

Chief Executive

Chief Executive of CTRF since April 2022, Dave holds a BSc in Engineering from the University of Nottingham and an MSc in Environmental Management from Imperial College London. For the past 25 years Dave has worked in the international development, environment and conservation sectors in a variety of leadership roles, collaborating with both the academic and private sector. He has a passion for sustainable development and tackling the climate emergency. Dave grew up in Kenya, spending many school holidays camping in wild areas where he developed his love of Africa and its wildlife. He continues his passion for wildlife conservation in his role as a UK Trustee for the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Northern Kenya. He now lives in west Oxfordshire with his wife Emma and two children Lara and Luke.

Sarah Wagstaff Jones

Sarah Wagstaffe-Jones

Director of Research

Sarah joined CTRF in November 2022 as Director of Research. With an undergraduate degree in Chemistry (University of Wales, Cardiff) and PhD in Materials Science (Imperial College), Sarah has spent more than a decade in research management and leadership roles at UK funding agencies and academic institutions. With a broad passion for science and innovation, most recently Sarah led the Translational Research Office at the University of Oxford, where she has played a pivotal role in driving impact from the Universities ground-breaking research portfolio. Originally from South Wales, Sarah now resides in West Oxfordshire with her family.

Tanya Rahman

Tanya Rahman

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Tanya joined CTRF in March 2023 as Director of Strategic Partnerships. Tanya holds an MA in Organisations and Social Change, and has a very personal interest in how people and organisations can best come together to deliver positive social and environmental impact. She has over 25 years’ experience working in international development, and more recently in climate change, both from an adaptation and mitigation perspective. She brings a wide range of experience, from stakeholder engagement, advocacy, project management, and business development. Her particular passion is around bringing together key stakeholders, from across sectors for a whole-systems approach, to develop strong partnerships for transformational change. In her spare time, Tanya loves trail walking, hiking, and horse-riding. Originally from London, she now lives in the beautiful Hampshire countryside, with her family.

Cat Corlett

Cat Corlett

Operations and Project Manager

With over 15 years’ experience in sectors such as energy, management consulting and legal, Cat brings a varied skill set to CTRF. With her knowledge of project management and operations support, and an ability to set up and oversee operational systems and procedures, she is well-equipped to help CTRF run smoothly. Outside of the office, Cat is passionate about food and fitness. She finds joy in yoga and barre. Originally from Sydney, Australia, Cat lived for many years in Texas and now resides in Oxford with her family.

Chantelle Alderson

Chantelle Alderson

Research Grants Manager

Chantelle joined CTRF in April 2023 as Research Grants Manager. With 18 years’ experience in various research grant management roles and a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Business Management (UNISA) and the start of the Chartered Management Degree through Oxford Brookes University, Chantelle brings with her extensive experience, knowledge, and training. Most recently, managing a successful, diverse, innovative and world renown Research Group within the Medical Sciences Division of the University of Oxford. These skills will assist her in leading and developing the CTRF research portfolio. Originally from Zimbabwe, Chantelle now resides in West Oxfordshire with her family.

Our Scientific Advisory Council

In early 2023, we established a multidisciplinary Scientific Advisory Council to provide expert oversight and technical advice on our Research Strategy and projects selected for funding. They ensure the rigour of our scientific approach and research excellence. They are a diverse group of leaders in their respective fields, bringing expertise ranging from biological sciences, ocean and ecosystem functions, engineering technology and commercialisation. 

Meet our Scientific Advisory Council
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Interested in shaping a better world?

As a new organisation, we are ambitious about the long-term impact we want to have. Join our team of diverse, ambitious and motivated people, dedicated to tackling the climate crisis. We are part of the movement of people and organisations, pushing the boundaries of science and research, to make an impact and contribute to a safer future for communities, economies and natural environments. You will be working directly with some of the world’s leading researchers and institutions, to supercharge the solutions already found in nature through the application of biotechnology.

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