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Backing brilliant ideas for a liveable planet


Big problems need visionary solutions. At Carbon Technology Research Foundation (CTRF) we light the spark of ideas that will transform our world. By identifying and then funding promising research into ways to remove carbon from the atmosphere, we will do our bit to build a safer future. We stand ready to support the brightest and best around the world in our mission to preserve a liveable planet for all.

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What we do

Founded in Oslo in late 2020 by Norwegian entrepreneur Stig Arff, CTRF seeks to apply private sector principles to the challenge of climate change. 

To prevent catastrophic warming, we need to reduce emissions but also find more and better ways to remove existing carbon dioxide from the air.

CTRF funds research into new methods of carbon sequestration, which have their roots in nature but which could be scaled significantly using biotechnology. 

We envisage transformational change, whereby the world responds successfully and in time to the severe and accelerating risks associated with cumulative greenhouse gas emissions.

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What we fund

CTRF’s focus is on supporting people and institutions working to develop processes that have their roots in nature, with the potential to be scaled significantly to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and help stop climate change. 

Throughout 2022 and early 2023, we will be identifying high quality, credible research institutions, individuals and projects for funding to be part of the CTRF portfolio launch in 2023. 

Please get in touch if you know of someone we should fund.

Our first Call for Proposals is now open for applications. CTRF will fund cutting-edge research into the application of biotechnology to deliver enhanced, scalable solutions to carbon sequestration. Key research challenges have been identified and these form the priority areas of this Call. CTRF remains open to highly transformative research which has the potential to disrupt and encourages researchers to engage with us in speculative discussion if your research is not specifially listed as a priority area.

The Call for Proposals, relevant application forms and guidance documents can be found by clicking the link below:

More information
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The Private Sector

Fremr, a sustainable investment company headquartered in Norway, is the founding investor and member of CTRF. Other private sector investors with the same concern for the risks of climate disruption to social, environmental, and economic systems and desire to tackle the climate crises are invited to join Fremr as investors and members. CTRF sees the private sector as its primary potential funding and implementation partners.

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Government and Civil Society/Philanthropic Institutions

CTRF will seek to collaborate with governments, foundations and philanthropic entities where it makes operational and or strategic sense to do so and furthers the mission to identify and develop natural scalable solutions to CO2 removal in the coming decades.

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Universities and Research and Development Institutions

CTRF will seek high quality, credible research institutions and projects for funding, including early identification of flagship projects to launch the CTRF portfolio of research projects which will grow over time.

Universities and Research and Development Institutions
The Private Sector
Government and Civil Society/Philanthropic Institutions

Who we are

About Us

We are a group of passionate, visionary professionals united in our belief in the imperative of urgent action to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to help prevent dangerous warming. We believe in the power of technology to supercharge the solutions already found in nature, and we look forward to collaborating with people who share our vision and commitment to a different world.

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Interdisciplinary Research Council

Over the course of 2022-3 CTRF will establish an expert research council to help define the focus and criteria for our funding, and help us set up an application, assessment, selection and reporting process. The council will advise the CTRF executive on its research portfolio, and evaluate progress. The research council will be multidisciplinary, drawing expertise from different sectors including science, engineering, and finance.

To apply or nominate someone to join our research council please get in touch.

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Join us

The founding member of CTRF is sustainable investment firm Fremr AS (meaning “further forward” in Norse language). Fremr is headed up by Stig Arff and has contributed the initial operational and research budgets for CTRF.

Stig Arff and Fremr invite other private sector investors with the same desire to tackle the climate crisis to join us as investors and implementation partners. 

We are seeking partnerships with like-minded corporations and organisations who can contribute not only complementary funds, but also their unique expertise and insights. 

In addition to seeking co-funders from the private sector, we will collaborate with governments, foundations and philanthropic entities to inform our work and ensure its benefits are disseminated.


We are now hiring

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Contact Us

If you are interested in learning more, exploring partner opportunities and have potential research ideas, please mail contact@ctrfoundation.com

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