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Backing brilliant ideas for a livable planet

The Carbon Technology Research Foundation funds research into new methods of carbon sequestration that have their roots in nature

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Big problems need visionary solutions

At Carbon Technology Research Foundation (CTRF) we light the spark of ideas that will transform our world. By identifying and then funding promising research into ways to remove carbon from the atmosphere based on natural systems, we will do our bit to build a safer future. We stand ready to support the brightest and best around the world in our mission to preserve a livable planet for all.

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Introduction from our founder, Stig Arff – Chair, Fremr

Our Current Research Priorities – Biotechnology and Carbon Removal

Metabolic engineering in plants

Improving photosynthetic efficiency in higher plants and algae by optimizing key enzymes, creating novel photorespiration bypass routes or carbon fixing pathways, or adapting other elements of the photosynthetic machinery or plant architecture to sequester more carbon.

Soil carbon sequestration

Investigating the potential of soil carbon sequestration, adapting the root-soil ecosystem, exploring symbiotic relationships with microbes and fungi and the sequestration potential of archaea.

Engineering of photosynthetic organisms

Understanding photosynthetic organisms and their role in carbon sequestration. Engineering of faster growing strains of algae, bacteria or fungi, those that produce a higher proportion of carbon in their biomass or co-cultivation with carbon concentrating organisms.

Ocean carbon removal

The application of biotechnology to increase the ocean’s ability to remove and store carbon.

Biotech-enhanced weathering

Investigating colonies of microorganisms, plants, lichens and fungi that co-exist in local ecology to speed up dissolution rates. Promotion of bio-enhanced mineralisation through engineering of sub-surface microbiota.
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Fremr is our founding member and funder

Fremr is a sustainable investment business based in Norway, committed to a low carbon sustainable future for all, and established CTRF as a non-profit entity to help fund brilliant research ideas to tackle the climate crisis. Fremr would welcome other foundations, companies and philanthropists who share our passion for research and innovation to join us and support CTRF in seeking novel ways to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere in response to the climate crises.

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Lichens growing on rocks, with hills in the background

What is carbon removal and why is it needed?

The need for carbon removal from the atmosphere is now accepted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as a core pillar for stabilising the climate. Carbon removal includes a range of technologies and approaches, and this guidance provides some explanation of different terms and issues, as well as how CTRF prioritises its particular focus areas, based on the potential for biotechnology to support carbon sequestration.


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